Hi guys!

Yesterday it was the very 1st day of April 2016, Fools’ Day, so my program was to stay in bed, then on my couch, then in my bed again and so on. It was 3.30 pm and my cell started ringing. I answered. A voice said “Come! We need your value! We have to report the order in the streets of our village! An horde of zombies wants to eat our brains!”

I packed all my stuff in my bag of holding and I reached my companions.

When I arrived, I founded 6 players around a table trying to accomplish their mission. They were testing Zombicide Black Plague.

It is the new version of Zombicide, that take place in Medieval time. The mechanical it is the same that you could find in the older ones, but I have noticed 3 main differences, that I really enjoy:

  • tools are not so powerful anymore, so you can roll less dices than before and thinking more about the strategy.
  • there are two new dungeons, where you can find an helpful treasure.
  • there are a lot of necromancer, that are able to open a new gate for the zombies and summon an abomination..not good at all!! 😉

The game is funny, not so complex, there are good quality miniatures and you can have a nice afternoon or night with your mates!

The metagame is up to you!!



 – Lady Scatter –

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