Hi guys,

I’m really sorry for being away from here, but sometimes life calls us.. However, now I’M BACK and ready to fight, so lets start!

Today I want to talk to you about an hilarious web series that I discovered 2 years ago on Youtube: “The Guild”.

I simply love it from the very first episode. It’s based on a Guild of 6 people, that have nothing in common but playing WoW on line. The main charachter is Codex, aka Felicia Day, a single girl that lost her job and can’t pay the fee. She interacts with Zaboo, Vork, Bladezz, Tinkerballa and Clara and she trys to bring tha Guild in the real life.

It’s also very easy to watch because you can find it on Youtube and every episode is just like a pill of fun: short ( 3-10 minutes) and amusing!

I leave you the link to the first season:

Hope you enjoy!

– Lady Scatter –

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