Hi everyone,

today I want to talk about working in an office, but mantaining your look connected to who you really are. The key is to keep it simple and adding a pop of color or an original accent to your outfit.outfit1

Here I create an example of what I mean. A fun T-Shirt, a clean A-line skirt, a pair of smart heels and an elegant bag. In this case you can also steal the top from your boyfriend/brother closet! You just need to roll up the sleeves and emphasize your waist.




Another option is toutfit2his one. A wide pair of white trousers, with an Adventure Time crop top and a black blazer to define your figure. The wedges are comfortable and give you extra high, while the bag reminds you your childhood. Everything is on point, polite and stylish, but still loyal to your soul.





And you? What about you guys?

Hoping to read of you soon! Bye!

– Lady Scatter –

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